construction machinery spare parts

 Spare parts

engine spare parts
Engine spare parts
gearbox spare parts
Gearbox spare parts
chassis spare parts
ALXE Chassis spare parts
hydraulic spare parts
Hydraulic parts
brake system
Brake system
working device spare parts
Working device
filter  spare parts
Filter spare parts
air conditioning system spare parts
Air conditioning system
cab system spare parts
Cab system
electrical system spare parts
Electrical system
Hydraulic cylinder
Hydraulic cylinder
multiway valve
Multiway valve
rim spare parts
tyre spare parts
radiator spare parts
Construction radiator
drive shaft
Drive shaft

 Our business range

XACMC is a distributor from China. Our main business are spare parts for China construction machinery parts, and various transmission, engine and hydraulic pump assembly, etc.

Product list:

    LW300FV, LW300KN, LW300KV, LW330FN, LW330FV, LW330KN, LW330KV, LW440FN, LW440FV, LW500FN, LW500FV, LW500HV, LW500KN, LW500KV, LW550FN, LW550FV, XT550K, ZL50GN, ZL50GV, LW600FV, LW600KN, LW600KV, LW660K, LW700KV, XC938, XC958, LW500KV-LNG, LW600KV-LNG, LW500KV-T18, LW600KN-T25, LW600KV-T25, LW550KV, LW550HV, LW580GV, XC968, LW550GV, LW600E, LW350KV, LW350FV, LW600KV-T28, LW500KV-T20, LW300FN, LW200KV, LW200K, LW180K, LW180KV
    All terrain crane: XCA220, XCA250_BRII, XCA220_S, XCA180, XCA130L7, XCA100, XCA230_S, XCA40_M, XCA750, XCA130L7_1, XCA130L8, XCA40, XCA40_E(澳大利亚), XCA130_E(澳大利亚), XCA160, XCA180_S, XCA160H, XCA60_AU, XCA130_S, XCA160L8, XCA160_H, XCA60_S, XCA160_BRII; Multifunctional emergency rescue truck: XJY240Z, XJY240WQ; Truck crane: XCT25, XCT16, XCT20L4, XCT20L5, XCT35, XCT55L6, XCT55L5, XCT75, XCT130, QY25K5A, QY75K, XCT25L5_S, XCT75_S, QY25K5C, XCT50_M, XCT60_M, XCT50_Y, XCT30_M, XCT25_M, XCT25L5_Y, XCT60_Y, XCT25L4_Y, XCT130_1, XCT80L5, XCT80L6, XCT110_1, QY50KA(升级), QY55KC, QY40KC, QY70KC, XCT85_M, XCT70_S, XCT55_S, XCT100, XCT80_Y, XCT25L4_S, XCT25L5_SR, XCT25L4_SR, XCT60L5, XCT60L6, XCT20L5_1, XCT80L6_1, XCT75L6, QY20K5C, XCT85(50T双前桥转向), XCT85(48T全桥转向), QY25K5C_1, QY25KC, XCT30_Y, QY20K_Y, XCT130_M, QY50KC, XCT80_S, QY75KC, XCT25L5_2, XCT80_BR, XCT90_BR, QY55KC_1, XCT95L7, QY25K5D, QY25K5D_1, QY25K5C_2, XCT25L5_3, XCT75L7, QY30KC, QY16KC, XCT16_1, QY40KD, XCT16_Y, QY50JW, XCT90L5, XCT110_2, QY20K5D, XCT130L8, XCT60, QY95K7C, QY85KC, QY110K7C, QY85K_M, QY80K5D, XCT35_BR, QY70K5D_1, QY40K5C_2, QY40K5D_1, QY55K5C_2, XCT60L6_1, QY50K5D_1, QY25K5F_1, XCA30_JY, QY55K5D, XCT110_BRI, QY50K5C_1, QY25K5D_3, QY25K5C_2(插电版), QY95KH, QY100K6C, QY110KH, QY80K6C, QY25K5L, XCT80L6_2, QY60KH, QY70KH, QY30K5C, QY30K5H, QY130KH, QY85KH, XCT70_BR, XCT90_BRI, XCT25L4_Y(澳大利亚), XCT30_Y(澳大利亚), QY25K5D_3(插电版), QY50K5D_2, XCT25_EV, XCT130L8_1, QY80K7C, QY80K5C_1, QY180K5C, XCT90L7, QY80K5C, QY50K5D, QY25K5F_1(插电版);
  • 3. MOTOR GRADER SPARE PARTS: Motor Grader: GR1653II, GR1805T, GR1803, GR2003, GR2153, GR1805, GR2153A, GR230, GR215A, GR215, GR180, GR165, GR135, GR1653, GR2003II, GR1803II;GR2403, GR2605;GR3005, GR3003;GR3505, GR3505T PRO, GR3505T, GR5505;GR2403, GR2605T PRO, GR2605, GR3005, GR3505, GR5505, GR2605T3, GR3003, GR1003, GR1653II, GR1803II, GR1803, GR2003, GR2153, GR1805, GR1605, GR2153A, GR230, GR215A, GR215, GR180, GR165, GR135, GR2405, GR1805T, GR2205AT, GR2405T PRO, GR1653, GR215DV, GR150II, GR2003II, GR3505T, GR3005T PRO, GR3505T PRO, GR1905T, GR2205T, GR2605T;
  • 4. Excavator SPARE PARTS XE215C, XE370CA, XE370D, XE370DK, XE370DLL, XE380C, XE380DK, XE400DK, XE400DP, XE135B, XE135D, XE135F, XE140C, XE140I, XE150BR, XE150D, XE150E, XE150U, XE155D, XE155DK, XE200C, XE200D, XE200DA, XE205DA, XE210E, XE210I, XE215CA, XE215CLL, XE215D, XE215DA, XE215DLL, XE215S, XE215SLL, XE220C, XE225DK, XE230C, XE235C, XE240D, XE240DLL, XE245DK, XE250E, XE260CLL, XE270DK, XE305D, XE335DK, XE360U, XE270DLL, XE215BR, XE400T, XE450M, XE210L, XE390D, XE300EN, XE2600G, XE200G, XE200DC, XE215G, XE215GA, XEP4006, XE215DI, XE270E, XE215GI, XE310DA, XE225DN, XE180BR, XE230LC, XE220E, XE220SL, XE160SL, XE210DA, XE205D, XE400M, XE215I-K, XE350M, XE140I-K, XE230M, XE170F, XE150S, XE250LC-K, XE220BR;XE150W, XE150WB, XE150WD, XE160W, XE210W, XE180WD, XE210WLL, XE155WD, XE210WD, XE480WM, XE210WB; spare parts
  • 5.ROLLER SPARE PARTS: XS163J集装箱型, XS125PD, XS223JE, XS223J, XS223JS, XS263JS, XS183H, XS203H, XS223H, XS263H, XS183, XS203, XS223, XS263, XS183S, XS203S, XS223S, XS263S, XS335, XS365, XS395, XH233J, XH263J, XH283J, CV83U, XS113E, XS123, XS143集装箱型, XS183J集装箱型, XS143J集装箱型, XS133, XS103H, XS123H, CV163U, CV123U, XS163, XS113, XS163PD, CV83PDU(焊接式), CV83PDU(装配式), CV123PDU(焊接式), CV123PDU(装配式), CV163PDU(焊接式), CV163PDU(装配式), XS143, XS123PD, XS163(高驱型), XS135, XS83, XS83PD, XS125, XS203J集装箱型;
  • 6. Engine PARTS WD615, WD12, WP4, WP6, WP10, WP12 assembly and spare parts; TBD226B assy and parts. C6121, D6114, G6135 ASSY and spare parts; YC6108, YC6G240-30, YC6G270-30, YC6G300-30, YC6G240-40, YC6G270-40, YC6A, YC4FA, YC4A, YC4D, YC4F, YC6Bassy and spare parts;
  • 7. Transmission gearbox PARTS BS428, WG180, WG181, 4WG180, 4WG200, 6WG200, XB230, YB310, YD13, YD50, YL13, YDB341, ZL20-BS428, ZL40/50 assy and parts. 8JS100, 8JS105T, 8JS110A, 8JS115T, 8JS118, 8JS125T, 8JS130T, 8JS160T, 8JS75T, 8JS85T, 8JS85, 8JS95T, 8JSX180T, 9JS119, 9JS135, 9JS150, 9JS180T, 9JS180, 9JS200T, 9JS220, 9JS240T,
  • 8. Booster pump for wheel loader. XM-60C XZ50K-3510002 CM-18JF XG509 800901159 SL409XG CL20A-510002,etc.
  • 9. Brake pads, brake disc, brake caliper for wheel loader.
  • 10. differential, pinion bever gear, planet carrier for wheel loader. planet gear, sun gear, etc.
  • 11. Various hydraulic gear pump 803000373,CBN-E32,CBQ-F532B,CBN-E550,CBGJ2080,CBGJ3100,CBGJ2100,JHP2100,1010000484,P124-G30085BL54,CBGJ2080X1010-XF,CBGJ3125L,CB-KPGR83/20, 803004104,803004134,803013093,P7260-100,CBGJ2063C,P7600B(SP)AHPN17-6BPN17-1,CBG3125,P5100-F100CX,JPH3160L,803000470,803000411,803000344,803000073, CBGJ310010010,CB-KPHGR80/80/40/08B1F1J1,CBH327-32A,CBH327-32R
  • 12. Steering device BZZ5-E500C 503-1189-860-1567-7 TLF1-E1000C BZZ3-125 BZZ3-125C BZZ-800 510-1182841-1664 403-7975-02 502-5285 403-7975-09 BZZ5F-1000FKBF etc.
  • 13. construction machinery tyre 17.5-25,23.5-25,16/70-20,16/70-24,16/70-24,14.00-24

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